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Get your Home Organized, Memphis!

You live in Memphis, you work in Memphis, you enjoy all that Memphis has to offer – food, sports, nature, art, culture, community, etc.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic for your home to be organized and reflective of all of those wonderful things you enjoy about our great city?  What does it look like to get your home organized in Memphis?  Well, I’m glad you asked.

Getting organized in Memphis starts with the desire to begin.  The desire to be organized can be brought on by inspiration, by motivation or by frustration.  It doesn’t matter what brought you to the decision to be organized, the important thing is that you are here.  Start your getting organized in Memphis journey with a pencil and paper.  Write down you goal(s) for getting organized.  Goals are key to keep moving forward and staying with your vision (the Memphis pyramid wasn’t built in day, right?). 

As a Memphian, you know the weather here is fickle and unpredictable.  That being said, you can predict rainy winters and humid hot summers.  If one of your goals relates to a space that is affected by weather (attics, outdoor sheds, garages), be strategic on when you plan to tackle that area.  This is the great thing about getting organized in Memphis with a vision and a plan, you get to decide when it happens.

After goal setting and strategic Memphis weather input, the next step to organizing (in Memphis or anywhere) is to declutter.  This is where you have to be honest, make tough decisions, and envision your goals when tough decisions arise.  Weed out whatever you don’t use, haven’t and won’t store properly, have excess of, or items that create negative emotions.   You want the ability to access, enjoy and use everything you choose to keep.  If you can’t access, use (because it is broken), or enjoy an item, why do you keep it? Imagine your home as one of your favorite Memphis locations (calming like Shelby Farms, exciting like Beale Street, serving up magnificent meals like Southern Social, a masterpiece like the Dixon Art Gallery, or full of accessible history like the Pink Palace).  Make your organized Memphis home reflective of your Memphis spirit, whatever that may be.

With excess and clutter gone (don’t forget to donate what you don’t want to one of the many fantastic Memphis charities), move onto finding designated spaces for items.  One of the definitions of clutter is items without a home.  Think about how you and your family operate.  What organizing systems work for you, keep them.  What organizing systems don’t work for you, examine why and change them.  An organizing system works best if you will use it and if it meets your needs.  Memphis has numerous stores to purchase organizational products should you need any to complete your systems. You may need to form some new habits, start small.  Accountability is the key to success in organization.

Being a Memphian is fantastic, being an organized Memphian is even better.  Get motivated for a little TCB and your organized Memphis home and Memphis life will thank you, thank you very much.

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