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What is your favorite display of treasured items from a client’s home?

Tanya’s take

I have more of a favorite WAY to display than a favorite item. We have worked with three different clients with extensive coffee mug collections. While most people seem to have too many mugs shoved in the recesses of a cabinet (and never used), these three clients managed their collections beautifully!

Two of our mug collectors were Starbucks city mug acquirers. Each trip they took afforded them an opportunity to purchase a Starbucks mug from their destination. In both cases, special racks were hung to display the mugs. Not only were they fun to look at and brought memories to mind, but they were easily accessible to drink out of as well. Style and function- always my favorite.

The third client(s) with a large mug display created the mugs themselves- they are potters. Their favorite pieces had a special rustic shelf and were used as decor in the kitchen and for drinking daily. Everyday items can be beautiful and useful.

These are excellent reminders collections are meant to be properly displayed and enjoyed!

Holly’s Take

It sounds like I’m cheating on this answer but hear me out: I don’t have a favorite treasured item I have seen displayed at a client’s home. Yes, there are some from a visual perspective, an archival perspective, or a unique twist but I can’t pick one that stands out. I can blame it on my goldfish of a memory but what sticks with me is the emotion.

Objects in homes that have a story are usually easy to spot. The next question that will come out of my mouth or Tanya’s is “you must tell me about that (fill in the blank)”. One of my favorite parts of our job is hearing people’s stories. When I see a framed piece of clothing, an object of which I am unfamiliar, or a framed handwritten anything, I will ask. This is where I get my favorite part. The client’s face will change and you will see an emotion instantly. I absolutely love it, the privilege of being let into someone’s world to hear their story.

Hearing stories of loved ones, of travels, of family history, accomplishments, quirky moments, and heirlooms that are generations deep, keeps the history alive. Displaying items that mean something keeps the happy emotions and memories up front and center. Even items that may be difficult to talk about with fresh grief still allow stories of loved ones to flow.

What is great about a thoughtfully displayed item:

– you get to see it (it isn’t in a box somewhere)
– you get to talk about it whenever you want to
– your family will know what it is and why it is important to you
– your space if reflective of you and your story

So no, I don’t have a favorite item I’ve stumbled across thus far, but I do have favorite moments of seeing clients smile while telling me about their late husband’s passions, of sisters laughing with silly stories about their parents’ collections, or parents beaming with pride over their children’s talents.

Surround yourself with your stories, there are some amazing options on how to display and preserve almost anything you can think of. Be creative, have fun, and enjoy the memories that made you (and your loved ones) who you are.

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