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What goes up, must come down

What goes up, must come down.Unless it is a cardboard box covered in dust in an attic. Poor attic boxes always go up and nevercome down. Attics are where objects go to die. Don’t want to make a decision, shove it in theattic. Think your kids willuse it later, shove it in the attic. Convinced you will need it somedaybut not today, shove it in the attic.

Attics pose two main problems: they are difficult toaccess,and they aren’t kind to the itemsstored in them.

When you are unable to access your attic anymore due to mobility, it isdefinitelytime evaluateand edit. The worst time to wait to delve into your attic is when you are up against time(moving, health issues, downsizing, etc.) or when you are dead and a loved–one has to do it foryou.

Yep, I said it.Take the time to evaluate, edit and organize your attic on your terms. Attics are usually full of memorabilia. No one knowswhat it is because it has been buried indust, not properly stored, and hidden from view. Is this an important item that you feel isimportant to be passed down or was it just shoved up in the attic?

Your loved ones won’t knowthe answer if you don’t tell them. Your loved ones won’t care about objects that don’t have astory attached to them. Your loved ones also won’t care about rotting papers, spider infestedbooks, stained photographs or dry rotted clothingthat have lived in the attic.

Make a plan to investigate your attic. Set a date, rally some family members or hire anorganizer (I happen to know a couple of good ones).Schedule the clean out date close to yourgarbage pickup day (trust us). Trash the obvious first, ask if anyone wants the items you keptfor them (donate themwithin a weekif not), and properly store the remainder in pest–free,leak–free containers that are properly labeled (packing tape over paper works just fine).

Keep in mind that items do not fare well when stored in an attic. If there are items you are onthe fence about, set a deadline to make a decision. Living in the atticreduces the likelihood anitem will be used again. Give items the opportunity to be used and live the functional life for which they were made.

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