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What does being organized mean to us?

Holly’s Take

As one who lives organized and makes a living ensuring that our clients do as well, being organized to me means FREEDOM.

Freedom from the unnecessary.  Unnecessary what you ask? Unnecessary expenses, unnecessary time wasted, unnecessary clutter and unnecessary stress.

Life is full of twists and turns, the predictable and the unpredictable.  You never truly know what is down the road, but you can make it easier on yourself.  Removing the unnecessary allows for a foundation to enjoy the good roads and survive the bumpy ones.

Organization requires a focus on what is important to you (see, getting rid of the unnecessary once again).  Having an organized space (ex. designated spaces, little clutter, systems of order, etc.) allows your brain the freedom to focus on what you have deemed important.  You aren’t bogged down with daily questions (Where did I put that?  Do we have detergent? When is my meeting?) because your organization habits have answered them already.  You aren’t wasting time searching for items, you aren’t spending money on products you already own but can’t find and you aren’t filling your brain with anxiety and stress from a cluttered environment.

As the “manager “of my household of 5, I depend on the freedom an organized home provides.  It takes some work on the front end and is an ongoing process but is well worth its benefits long term.  An organized home that works for me (and not against me and my sanity) is a freedom I don’t want to live without.

Tanya’s Take

Simple answer- less anxiety, freedom, and time to do what really matters.

An intentional and purposeful life does not happen by accident. Thoughtfully designing my life around my priorities gifted me to a much happier existence. Organization does not merely apply to the physical objects in our lives- but our time as well.

Good things have a hard time happening in our lives if we do not make both a space and a plan for them. A plan, regardless of the type, decreases overwhelm and anxiety. In order to achieve my personal goals, daily chores, and free time without guilt, I organize my time. If I work the plan or schedule I created- there is freedom in enjoying the unscheduled parts- because the free time is part of the plan!

While the way we each go about this may differ, the results do not. Scheduling time- alone time, family time, time for friendships, for our business, etc. allows me to make certain the things I hold dear do not pass me by.

Time moves quickly- we always wish we had more. Being organized helps us all make the most of the time we are given. Is there a better return on investment on anything else than that?!

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