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New Baby/Children/Teens

New baby means new gear, schedules and routines.  Children have ever changing hobbies, sports, clothing, and toys that need order and systems to encourage independence.   We create, implement and teach systems to maintain the order.


Different stages in life bring about different needs, wants and requirements.  From downsizing to a smaller footprint, to organizing a larger space after a move, to bringing in an aging parent, we make sure your space is reflective of your life stage.  We declutter, we establish purposeful spaces, and we ensure through organization that the space functions best for you.


Unavoidable and unpleasant but less demanding physically and emotionally if a home is organized.  We help clients declutter, identify and protect personal treasure, and eliminate items that are no longer wanted or used.  With families dealing with loss, we help sort through the physical, take items to be donated, clean out clutter and help manage distributing and properly storing heirlooms.


The addition or subtraction of members in your household requires a shift of space and schedules.  We create organization and functionality of a space that is reflective of the needs of the new family dynamic.


Physical abilities shift over time.  For older clients we create safe, organized and functional spaces reflective of their current and future capabilities.  For those with an unexpected diagnosis, we clear the clutter and organize their home allowing for the simplification and ease of day to day activities.